Jazz Vocal Lessons, for all ages for all levels. Let me help you sing from your heart and sing from your soul. I will share my years of experience as a professional singer & recording artist.

Private vocal lessons, workshops and consultations with a professional singer, recording artist and educator. Beginners & Professionals are welcome. Jazz, R & B, Pop, Blues, B'Way…

I have been performing and teaching for 20+ years. I design the lessons to fit the goals of each student, while focusing on the basic skills of music. I teach vocal technique (coordination of posture, breath support, resonation, and articulation). I transfer all my performing experience to the student. I give 100% of my heart, soul and energy to each individual, do not hold back, and always guarantee a success to a much better level.

Areas of expertise; voice training, vocal technique, simple and complex rhythm exercises, range optimisation, song styling, repertoire coaching, improvisation & scat singing, stage presence, etc.

Jazz singer, educator, recording artist, and arranger. Performances in over 30 countries on every continent in every medium; concert halls, clubs, festivals, television and radio, master classes, workshops, recordings. I have appeared in every musical setting up to full big band. I specialise in ethnic and folk music arranging and singing ethnic and ethno-jazz songs.

I have taught many master classes and workshops to professionals and beginners alike at Manhattan school of music and New School of New York to name just a couple. I will welcome you in my studio in New York. Let me share with you some or my students testimonials, people who have taken lessons with me and they will share their experience in their own words.

When I came to study with Datevik, as a beginner, I knew I was coming to study under a professional, but she has quickly surpassed all of my expectations. Datevik has what seems like super-human acuteness as an instructor. She seems to see through you and with minor corrections transforms your sound into something that surprises you with its beauty and superiority.
Under her I discovered musical abilities in myself that I never imagined were there. Studying with Datevik has also developed my listening abilities, giving me new appreciation of multiple musical styles. Simply put, under Datevik's guidance I've grown in many ways. I feel very lucky to have found her. - Ivan Pantuyev

I am a classical pianist who was interested in exploring singing. When I started looking for teachers and stumbled upon Datevik's website I was shocked to find out that studying with a musician of such caliber was within reach. Having scheduled a lesson, I headed to her residence, my humbleness and a flower bouquet in hands. Datevik made everything possible to ease my intimidation, welcoming to regard her as a friend and confidant and to leave all self-doubt outside the door. We immersed ourselves in music, hard work and laughter.
I've been studying with Datevik for a few years now and have evolved to sing a variety of repertoire ranging from American songbook to French Chancon and Brazilian Jazz. Datevik's musicianship never ceases to surprise. Across genres, styles and languages - her ear is unerring, her taste is impeccable, her creativity is endless.
My lessons with Datevik are not only great voice and style training sessions, but also very preciously therapeutic moments in any busy week. Whatever is my mood when I arrive for the lesson, I come out balanced, rejuvenated and inspired.
Datevik is honest and straightforward, yet supportive and never discouraging. Personable and reliable, respectful and warm. I am very grateful to have my life enriched by the wonderful gift of studying with Datevik.
We don't have Ella Fitzgerald anymore and even if we did, could we ever dream of studying with her? Well, despair not - luckily we have Datevik! - Yana Manovskaya

Datevik's skills in voice and performance will give you remarkable results in your voice training and performing. She is Encouraging, supportive, and knowledgeable. A true expert in what she does. I highly recommend her to anyone. - Jazzy Ralph

I am so glad that our paths have crossed in this lifetime. I'm reflecting back on the growth of our relationship...the perfect metamorphosis of teacher-student-friend. Not only did I gain a priceless friendship in you and Vahram, but you have also given me something else I will value for the rest of my life... a journey through the colorful world of music.  
Do you remember guiding me down that path? You led me through a garden full of jazz blossoms. You taught me that these beautiful blossoms started from seeds that needed to be planted. These seeds were basic chords- major and minor- that could intertwine to endless possibilities. Together we listened and strolled through fields of Ellington, Monk, and Gershwin.
You showed me that new melodies from my own heart were constantly in bloom. If I listened to my heart (as you do), the feelings and the sounds would come together to form something beautiful and brand new every time...something that beloved Ella knew all too well!
And just as the richness and fertility of the soil produces the finest of perennials, so does the depth of the soul behind the voice, just as in Aretha, and Sarah, and you Dear Datevik.
Today I look back at our journey together. I could not choose a finer person to walk through the garden with than you. For all that you have given me... SHNORHAKAL YEM! - Dierdra Brown McDowel

I arrived in the USA from the Soviet Union. As an individual, always interested in music and specifically jazz, and as everyone else in my country,  I knew who Datevik (or Tatevik in the Russian transcription) was. She seemed to be a very unreachable person and a celestial, because she has performed with the best big bands and the best musicians ever and became extremely popular nationally.. I actually learned how to swing listening to her music, recorded mostly with the State Armenian Big Band conducted by Konstantin Orbelian.
 We became good friends here in New York. When I made up my mind to release my 1st swinging CD and to start a new career of a "singing TV and Radio personality", there was no doubt about who might be my vocal teacher! I dreamed about practicing only with Datevik!
I do not trust to people who teach dancing but cannot dance. Or piano teachers who can not play the piano. Or singing teachers who can not sing.
Being a brilliant vocalist and a perfect musician Datevik is a very friendly and professional teacher. Unlike the others, she is very honest, friendly and sincere. She won't speak about the money and safeguards until she feels that her student has talent and passion for singing.
Datevik is always very helpful and brings comfort into her teaching sessions. She helps her students to feel and to find the best style. She helps to develop vocal abilities and technique. She does everything for her students.
Once I was asked, if I like Datevik Hovanessian. My immediate answer was no! There are several reasons for this: Datevik sings better than me. Datevik sings better than many American born vocalists. Datevik has a talent to sing and to teach. Datevik is a true Goddess of  jazz.
With a smile on your face, please answer- do we often like Gods and Goddesses? Hope you understand my "Russian American" humor.
The only choice of your jazz vocal coach in New York is undoubtedly Datevik Hovanessian. Enjoy your talent and improve yourself with Datevik! - Oleg Frish

I was searching for a good vocal teacher for quite a while. One day when listening to a great Brazilian singer I asked her if she could teach me some of her techniques because I truly loved her style.
She told me that she would share with me the same gift she had received. She gave me the phone number of her vocal teacher. And that's how I met Datevik.
To this day I'm always looking forward to our lesson! Datevik's tremendous concentration, attention and true love for music makes her gift from god to us vocalists. She has that special talent of bringing out the best that's inside of us. And last but not least, Datevik and her classes really swing! - Debora Watts

Datevik is a rare breed. She is the kind of teacher who gives from her heart, not just her head. Music is her life and she will share that with you if you are truly open, disciplined, and willing to fully dive in. She has the phenomenal ability to diagnose musical problems and challenge you in a way that is encouraging, not frightening.

Over the full year that I have been her student, I have grown tremendously. Not only in terms of improvisation, phrasing, rhythm and stylization, but attention is given to ear training and theory in my lessons. She has really been the catalyst for helping me mature as a musician and on the road to finding my own voice. - Michelle Pirret

I have been studying with Datevik for 3 years. She is an extraordinary woman with extreme musical talent and ability. Having the opportunity to see her perform live and be coached by her is truly a privilege. I feel lucky to be studying with someone of her caliber. - Kate Tice

Datevik is an inspiring and gifted teacher who can very quickly listen to your voice, assess your skills, and provide specific musical guidance and exercises to help you further develop as a musician. She has an organic yet systematic approach to teaching improvisation.  Improvising back and forth with her is like mountain climbing or white water rafting - a thrilling adrenaline rush and a huge personal challenge.
Since she views singers not just as vocalists singing lyrics, but also as musicians or 'vocal instrumentalists', her lessons convey this more holistic approach that deal with the essence and spirit of melody, while also dealing with the techniques that are specific and unique to singers. She's the caliber of teacher that no matter what level you get to professionally, she can always teach you something more and take you even further. You could never stop learning from Datevik. - Catherine McInnes